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TETRA train-radio solution

With the help of our train radio solution, you secure the communication between train engineer, control room and individual railroad stations. Together with a separate dispatcher software application and a network management system tailored to the system, Hytera offers a complete TETRA solution for the high requirements in railroad traffic.

Secure and reliable radio communication for metro trains and trains requires customized solutions with radio technology that is perfectly matched. Hytera offers all the required modules for integrated TETRA train radio solutions. Besides the flexibly adaptable TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP , train radios are also part of our product portfolio.

Highlights of the TETRA train radio solution

Extensive train radio equipment from Hytera

Hytera's TETRA solution includes the on-board train radio CZT802H, the radio GDT801 for desk operation in railroad stations, a dispatcher software application as well as a separate network management system (NMS) for administering the train radios.

Compliance with the standard

All Hytera products for train radio solutions were developed in compliance with the TETRA radio standard.

Customer-specific adaptation

All components can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. This allows replicating your processes perfectly in the dispatcher and the user interface of the radios.

Ergonomic operation

All radio subscribers in the train operation must be capable of responding quickly and reliably. For this reason our train radios are matched to the needs of the users. Easy to operate keys and the clearly arranged integrated software provide support during hectic day-to-day operation.

Easy integration

Both train radios can easily be integrated into your operating environments. Besides the flat control unit for the motor power unit engineer, the CZT802H consists of a radio unit that can be installed in the 19-inch equipment racks as a subrack. The desk radio unit GDT801 only has to be configured for the respective operating environment during commissioning.

CZT802H on-board train radio

  • Large screen and easy to operate keys
  • Programmable shortcut keys, e.g. for call-back requests to the control room
  • Connection to passenger information systems, train announcement systems, train positioning systems (ATS, GPS or beacon solution)
  • Supports manual or automated operation (e.g. automated interaction with passenger information systems and much more)
  • Easy integration in existing trains thanks to the separation of radio module and control unit, redundant integration is also possible
  • Ethernet and USB interface for access to logging, updates, etc.
  • Connection of external handsets, handheld microphones and loudspeakers

GDT801 desk radio unit

  •  Central module at the railroad station for reliable TETRA communication with train engineers, central dispatcher and other locations
  • Connection of handsets and loudspeakers
  • Backup dispatcher application if control room fails as emergency dispatcher
  • Connection to broadcasting systems
  • Local voice recording
  • Support of different call, data and message services
  • Integrated radio for location-independent network integration
  • Large color display and easy to operate keys

Train radio dispatcher software

With the Hytera dispatcher software, you control your train system with the help of an intelligently adapted TETRA solution for your control room. Extensive TETRA voice and data functions, particularly for the train radio

High system stability due to redundant client-server architecture. In close collaboration with you, we adapt the dispatcher interface, map material and interfaces for a perfect integration in your processes.

Features (selection)

  • Display of trains and their current locations on a dynamic system map
  • Voice and data services (such as call-back requests, line calls or depot calls)
  • Controlling operating process
  • Display, monitoring, recording and playback of calls
  • Dynamic group number assignment and ambience listening in the train (in case of an emergency situation)

NMS for the train radio solution

Extensive network management solution for administering the train radio system.


  • Comprehensive fault diagnostics of locations, radio equipment and connections
  • SNMP interface
  • Visual display of faults

Features (selection)

  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Statistics functions (billing)
  • Performance management
  • Security management

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