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TETRA Applications for ACCESSNET-T IP

Connect Versatile Applications - Create Powerful Solutions

A good radio solution for professional users is characterized by its ability to integrate and adapt. The TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP from Hytera can be supplemented by numerous functions via a software interface.


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The powerful functions of our TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP are easy to access thanks to the ACCESSNET-T Common Application Programming Interface (A-CAPI). With the help of A-CAPI, the applications can participate in the communication via the trunked radio system just like a radio subscriber with voice radio and data radio transmissions and call up other functions.

Examples of applications


    TETRA control rooms ACCESSNET-T IP

    Dispatchers are an important component of professional radio solutions. They are required to control and conduct the radio subscribers and their communication in the network. In addition they can be used as logistic and control rooms or they can serve as a centre for monitoring alarm functions.

    Dispatchers manage operation data, call groups and radio subscribers and make the management of operation communication. The working environment of the dispatcher is made up of a PC workstation with the dispatcher software, the corresponding audio accessories and optional expansions such as a foot-operated PTT button or headsets. To be able to meet the requirements of the different user groups, the dispatcher can flexibly be adapted optimally to the various demands in terms of availability, scalability and network size.

    Voice Recorder

    Voice and SDS Recording

    Primarily in TETRA systems that serve the public security, a proof of communication may be a legal requirement for radio operation. The use of voice and data recording helps reconstructing sequences and procedures afterwards and thus makes it possible to clarify circumstances.

    The Voice Recorder is a professional multi-channel voice and data recording system that is especially tailored to archiving digital audio data and short messages (SDS). Digital audio data from a TETRA network is efficiently TETRA-coded. This ensures the longest possible recording duration without recoding. Recorded audio data can be played back directly via the voice recorder or exported to downstream IT applications.


    Locating persons and terminals via Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

    Using AVL-expansions, it is possible to display current topical position data of terminals on a map. In this case, the terminals determine their position via GPS at intervals and automatically send this data via SDS to the dispatcher where it is displayed on a digital map. This also allows motion profiles to be displayed for individual terminals to optimize operational sequences and processes.

    The AVL system can be used either as a dispatch and operations control center for controlling and managing fleets of vehicles, or it is used as an alarm center for monitoring, alarm and control functions. This makes it possible to record a large amount of vehicle operational data, e.g., the fill level in sand-spreading trucks. Due to the information being refreshed continuously, vehicle fleet operators and dispatchers can optimally plan and control the operations of their vehicles.


    Remote monitoring & telecontrol via Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

    The term SCADA refers to the concept of monitoring and controlling diverse technical processes, generally the control and monitoring of systems that are located at a distance of the control room (remote monitoring and telecontrol). Data acquisition usually starts at a local control system and includes the coupling to measuring instruments and status information, for example switch settings.

    The data is then forwarded to the parent instance of the SCADA system, where it is presented in a user-friendly format. To operate a SCADA system, data transmission between the components of the SCADA system must be carried out quickly and reliably. Only in this way is a remote control of technical sequences possible reliably and automatically via control sequences.

    Smart Metering & AMR

    Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart Metering Technology (intelligent counters)

    Many countries already have a legislation determining that for reasons of cost control the consumer must be given the possibility of querying the power and gas consumption from the utility provider on a daily basis.

    Our TETRA systems offer a cost-efficient solution for small and regional utility providers that can be used as a reliable transmission platform to transmit the data recorded by the intelligent counters to the center.

    TETRA Applications from Hytera

    Hytera's powerful TETRA applications offer reliable solutions for dispatching and voice recording with the TETRA trunked radio system ACCESSNET T IP.

    SmartOne is a professional application solution from Hytera. It combines functions, such as dispatching, recording AVL or camera monitoring.

    Independent of mobile radio standards, it is possible to integrate and interconnect several mobile radio networks at the same time.

    Further information:
    SmartOne - Product Details

    DWS (Dispatch WorkStation) is a dispatcher solution developed for the TETRA mobile radio system ACCESSNET-T IP.

    Characterized by the modern IP-structure and efficient multi-touch technology, DWS offers you an advanced dispatching- and deployment platform of the next generation.

    Further information:
    DWS Dispatch Workstation - Product Details

    DVRS (Digital Voice Recording System) is a professional voice recording solution for the Hytera TETRA mobile radio system.

    The DVRS takes calls in parallel, saves short messages, logs them both and makes both permanently available for later call analysis.

    Further information:
    DVRS Voice Recorder - Product Details

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