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Network management system (NMS)

With this software package, you manage all of the functions, network elements and subscribers of your TETRA mobile radio solution from Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH. For each TETRA system, we supply an individual NMS package with all the required modules: Your Swiss Army Knife for Professional Mobile Radio.

The network management system (NMS) can be used to manage and monitor the infrastructure and various services of an ACCESSNET-T IP network. The NMS is a distributed multi-client and multi-server system with integrated databases, whose modular design can be scaled according to the respective requirements and size of the network.

NMS at a Glance

  • User-friendly software for managing your Hytera TETRA mobile radio solution
  • Flexible management of all functions, network elements and subscribers
  • Modular structure scalable to any system size
  • Highly configurable, data access via robust IP networking
  • Maximum data availability and security
  • Highly automated, dependable processes
  • Uncomplicated coupling and monitoring of external system components
  • Access control to the NMS to protect the system
  • The user interface (GUI) of the network management system applications is already available in many languages; additional languages are possible upon customer request

Overview of Technology

Our NMS is based on an almost infinitely scalable client-server architecture. This allows the system to provide you access from a central site as well as from distributed locations within the ACCESSNET®-T IP network – no matter how complex your mobile radio solution is designed.
All the clients access the current data provided by NMS servers via IP network. The decentralized architecture of the NMS protects your mobile radio network against data losses, optimizes operational sequences and offers you demand-based, highly configurable control functions.

Strong through standardization

The functions of the network management system are distributed based on the standardized network management model "FCAPS" (Fault, Configuration, Administration/Accounting, Performance and Security Management) in accordance with ITU-T M.3010 (02/2000, International Telecommunication Union).
The following functions are available via the network management system:

  • Fault Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Subscriber Management and a billing interface as part of Accounting Management
  • Performance Management
  • Security Management

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