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The TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP offers utmost system availability due to intelligent redundancy characteristics as well as excellent robustness against external influences. The flexible architecture as well as the system design permit scalable radio solutions that are exactly aligned with the manifold requirements in terms of availability and capacity within an overall system.

We developed ACCESSNET-T IP in compliance with the specifications of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and it meets all of the requirements of the internationally recognized TETRA standards. Secure voice and data transmission as well as numerous features ensure adaptability of our TETRA radio system to the demands of PMR users.

Use of existing IP infrastructure
  • The IP-based networking of the network elements permits the use of an existing IP infrastructure, thus resulting in a cost reduction by avoiding additional connection paths.
  • High-grade IP networks for voice communication exist already at many sites.
Secure and Failure Resistant
  • Excellent voice quality due to the use of digital TETRA technology
  • Support of TETRA encryption (E2EE and AIE) and authentication
  • Unsurpassed system reliability due to intelligent redundancy concept and robust system design
Flexible network architecture
  • Centralized or distributed System Architecture
  • Flexible gateway distribution according to the customer requirements possible in all nodes
  • ACCESSNET-T IP can be scaled flexibly in line with the demand – from single-cell systems right up to nationwide networks


The unique modular system design of the TETRA radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP enables radio solutions exactly in line with your requirements. The system design permits both distributed and also centralized architectures for flexible adaptation of the TETRA system to customer wishes.

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ACCESSNET-T IP does not only provide high availability and reliable TETRA mobile radio. Our radio system is also characterized by its outstanding interface for connecting applications. This allows powerful applications like dispatcher and voice recorder to be connected to the TETRA radio system.

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The network management system (NMS) can be used to manage and monitor the infrastructure and various services of an ACCESSNET-T IP network. They manage all of the functions, network elements and subscribers of their TETRA system.
NMS – Your Swiss Army Knife for Professional Mobile Radio.

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TETRA base station DIB-R5

The DIB-R5 is the latest generation of reliable and powerful base stations by Hytera. Pioneering TETRA Release 2 and TEDS capability make the DIB-R5 highly attractive for all scenarios where availability and high-speed data capability are essential. 

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The app PTTconnect for Hytera offers you the opportunity to expand voice and data communication beyond the physical limits of your TETRA system. PTTconnect expands your radio coverage via a gateway by using broadband networks for your communication.

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