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LTE Solutions from Hytera

The organizations in the public safety sector as well as also supply and transport businesses need broadband data applications to increase public security and to optimize their day-to-day operational processes.

Broadband data services such as LTE form the basis for all types of mobile data applications. In the public safety sector, for instance, the operational personnel on the ground or in the control room can obtain a much better impression of the situation thanks to broadband applications.

Like in public mobile radio, in professional mobile radio “apps” will also play a major role and form the basis for the development of individual tools to support day-to-day activity as well as during operations.

User-friendly migration

With the Hytera solutions and products you decide when and how you will use broadband technologies and their multifaceted applications!

The right solution for everyone!

  • Hybrid terminals
  • PTTconnect - Smartphone app for professionals
  • Hybrid networks with Hytera SmartOne

The bridge between narrowband and broadband.

Hytera's PMR/LTE radios are a revolution in the world of professional mobile radio communications. They are the first of their kind to provide a truly convergent platform for the transmission of critical voice communications and LTE broadband data services.

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The app PTTconnect for Hytera offers you the opportunity to expand voice and data communication beyond the physical limits of your TETRA system. PTTconnect expands your radio coverage via a gateway by using broadband networks for your communication.

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Fast and straightforward connection of networks

One way of using fast data transmission in existing TETRA and DMR networks is through the integration of commercial broadband networks.

SmartOne can be connected in parallel with various radio systems, e.g. TETRA, LTE, DMR, analog and the public telephone network.

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