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License-free DMR radios

Our license-free DMR radios are the first of their kind on the market. You can use them without an operating license and you do not have to do it without professional product features! In addition, you will receive PMR446 radios that incorporate modern digital radio technology.

The license-free DMR radios from Hytera correspond to DMR Tier I. Products in accordance with DMR Tier I are used for simple radio communication in the license-free 446-MHz band and support a maximum transmitting power of 0.5 watt. DMR Tier I is designed for private users, leisure-time applications or other small solutions that do not require any large-area mobile radio coverage or extended functionality.

Advantages of our digital PMR446 radios

High voice quality

The DMR digital radio technology supports various methods for noise cancellation, thereby ensuring an improved voice quality than conventional analog radio technology.  This applies particularly to the outside edges of the transmission area.

More radio channels

In contrast to conventional analog radio devices, our digital radio devices give you 16 analog and 16 digital radio channels.

Longer battery runtime

Thanks to the TDMA method used, our radios reach a battery service life of up to 40 % longer than conventional analog mobile radio.

Analog and digital mobile radio in one radio device

All of our DMR radios support analog as well as digital radio service. This allows you to communicate even with already existing analog radio devices.

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