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DMR radios from Hytera

Hytera offers the best DMR radio for every scenario, whether for communication in the business environment, for usage in tunnels and mines, or for reliable communication for the police or fire service.

From the light, compact PD3 series - designed for usage in buildings and facilities - to the dust-proof, water-proof and explosion-protected PD795 Ex - there is a suitable DMR radio for every user. We connect people everywhere and improve safety and productivity.

Easy to use

From the PD355 to the PD985: Our DMR radios have been developed for the people who use them. Our DMR radios are straightforward and intuitive to operate and do not require complex instruction.

Robust & reliable

Our DMR radios not only look good, they are particularly durable and robust. Irrespective of where you go, our radios are extremely well-equipped for tough tasks in harsh environments.

We are certain of the high quality, reliability and service life of our products. Therefore, we are happy to offer a free 5-year warranty for most DMR radios as a promotion to our partners and authorized dealers! With the 5-year warranty, we make a special offer, which is unique in the PMR market.

Are you a dealer or partner?

And are you interested in DMR radios with a warrenty of 5 years? Then place your order between 1 August and 31 October 2017. For questions, please contact your local Hytera sales representative.

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Are you an end user?

If you are interested in DMR radios with a warrenty of 5 years, please contact your local authorized Hytera dealer and ask for the 'Hytera 5-years-warranty promotion'.

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For more efficiency & effectiveness

For a good solution for your radio communication, you need versatile radios to increase your productivity. Our DMR radios can be ideally configured to your use case.

A safe investment

Irrespective of whether you want to replace completely your old analog radio system with a DMR radio system, or initially only want to replace your old radios with digital radios: All our DMR radios support conventional analogue radio.

What is DMR?

Digital Mobile Radio - the open mobile radio standard

DMR stands for "Digital Mobile Radio", an open digital radio standard. DMR is known all over the world as a technology that combines voice communication, data transmission, functions and applications. DMR is available in three "tiers". This is a term that can be described as the "level of complexity".

Tier I describes license-free DMR, Tier II licensed, conventional DMR and Tier III DMR trunked radio, which means that frequencies and channel capacity can be pooled and used jointly. Thanks to the DMR standards, Hytera DMR radios operate with any other DMR system compliant with the standard.

Typical DMR functions

Dual mode

The dual mode function makes possible a smooth transition from the analog operation of DMR radios to digital operation.

Text messages

Sending and receiving text messages. Pre-programmed voice and text messages can be sent using the one-touch feature.

Safety functions

Stay safe with the lone worker function, the man down alarm, the emergency call button and additional GPS positioning services.

Noise cancellation

Irrespective of where you go: with the suppression of background noise, you will be understood everywhere.

Different call types

The right call type for every situation: individual call, group call, emergency call or broadcast call on all digital channels.

And much more

Depending on the model of DMR radio, various other functions are available that improve your safety and your operations.

All DMR radios from Hytera

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