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Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Our comprehensive DMR portfolio provides the right solutions and radios for every use case. From the simple license-free digital radio to feature-rich digital trunked radio solutions for professional users.

Reliable radios for every situation

Hytera offers the best DMR radio for every scenario, whether it is for communication in enterprise environment, for use in tunnels, mines or for reliable communication between police and fire brigades.

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DMR Tier I

The world's first digital PMR446 radio in accordance with the ETSI-DMR standard.

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DMR Tier II - Simulcast

With the help of our simulcast radio system and the versatile RD985S repeater, we are able to cost-effectively provide radio coverage over large areas, with only one frequency pair being required.

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Cost-Efficient Trunked Radio Solution

XPT is the cost-efficient digital trunked radio solution for professional mobile radio that does without a control channel altogether.

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DMR Tier III - DMR trunked radio

Hytera's digital trunked radio solution for demanding radio users. DMR Trunking allows tailor-made digital trunked radio systems with maximum functionality to be implemented.

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