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Convergent LTE & TETRA Solution

The bridge between narrowband and broadband

Enter the world of broadband and integrate video streaming, real-time database queries or transfers of large files into your mission-critical work processes. Improve your communication with the convergent LTE & TETRA mobile radio solution from Hytera and make the transition from narrowband to broadband applications.



The best of both worlds – from a single source


The convergence of PMR (professional mobile radio) and broadband networks allows for a homogeneous system, with narrowband and broadband each retaining their respective advantages. That means more and faster services – exactly where they are needed.


Hytera offers PMR systems proven worldwide as well as future-proof and industry-leading LTE systems. The two components have now merged to become a powerful and scalable solution that ensures high availability. Benefit from our versatile know-how and get started on your LTE project with a strong partner.

Convergent platform

LTE and TETRA base station


The integrated iBS base station is a base station from Hytera featuring advanced technology. Your platform will support both LTE and TETRA mobile radio with full functional scope.


In addition to iBS, all TETRA base stations from Hytera's extensive product portfolio can be used, including DIB-R5 TETRA base stations or BWT-3800 modular LTE base stations for your convergent network.

Everything always under control


Complete control is very important in business and mission-critical applications. This is not ensured on public, commercial LTE networks. A dedicated LTE infrastructure ensures reliability and bandwidth, especially in critical situations.

All-in-one solution


Our convergent solution: Fast LTE with TETRA mobile radio and a PTT-over-Cellular solution (PoC). The combination of these technologies from a single source will increase your availability to the maximum.

Increased efficiency

Your team will be able to concentrate better on its work with only one dedicated device in use. The revolutionary PTC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radio supports both narrowband and broadband (TETRA/LTE) on a single platform.

Powerful applications

Optimize your processes with tailor-made applications and dedicated additional functions you need to support your business. You can add dispatch applications, app-based solutions, location based services and more.

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