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Sepura STP8X100

Built to withstand the very harshest working conditions, the award-winning, Intrinsically Safe STP8X100 delivers unrivalled audio clarity and enhances safety for workers in hazardous environments.

    Product description

    Built to withstand the very harshest working conditions, the award-winning, Intrinsically Safe STP8X100 delivers unrivalled audio clarity and enhances safety for workers in hazardous environments.

    The reduced-keypad STP8X100, perfect for use with gloved hands, carries an IP67 environmental protection rating - continuing to work after submersion in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes - and meets the exacting requirements of the IECEx/ATEX standard v6.

    Rugged Design

    The STP8X offers unrivalled levels of ruggedness and robustness. Its IP67 rating means that it is able to withstand submersion in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes and is completely dustproof. Suitable for the harshest and most challenging environments, the STP8X meets V6 of the IECEx/ATEX standards.

    Version 6 is a highly rigorous testing regime for Intrinsically-Safe radios, demanding that the product withstand being heated to 80°C at 90% relative humidity for 28 days, followed by being rapidly chilled to between -25°C and -30°C for 24 hours to attempt to induce brittleness. Upon emerging from the cold chamber, it is immediately impacted and drop tested and submitted to a formal IP test for both liquid and vacuum-assisted dust ingress, in order to check that its integrity has not been breached.

    Loud and Clear

    Clear communication is fundamental to user safety. The STP8X provides unrivalled clarity of audio, achieved through its award-winning innovative hardware and software, enabling users to communicate quickly and efficiently in noisy environments where heavy machinery and protective headgear or clothing is used.

    User Interface

    The STP8X series features an enhanced user interface, with a choice of three presentation styles, which users can select according to their personal preference or operational requirements:

    • Compatibility mode, allowing existing Sepura users to be immediately familiar with the STP8X
    • Smartphone-style grid and list modes

    Easy to Use

    The reduced keypad version gives easy, safe and direct access to specific functions - ideal for use with gloved hands. In addition, the ´Twist and Zoom´ feature uses smartphone technology to allow a portrait image (stored on a Micro SD card) to be zoomed to full-screen size, allowing the user to see full detail of an image as they rotate the radio.

    User Safety

    The STP8X offers the most advanced Man-Down solution in the TETRA IS market, with motion- and tilt-monitoring as well as a local alarm and over-the-air alerting. This is backed by an integrated GPS receiver, allowing swift location of personnel, ensuring their safety.

    Data Capabilities

    Users of IS radios often need to interact or communicate automatically with a variety of other systems, particularly those at the back-end of an operation. The growing range of Sepura radio applications, including use of WAP and SDS technologies, enables tasks such as automated job allocation or database look-ups. Users can also rapidly review data stored on the radio via its removable Micro SD card.


    Technical data

    Dimension (H x W x D)

    139 x 54 x 44 mm


    < 338 g

    Frequency range

    380 – 430 MHz
    407 – 473 MHz

    Power supply

    7.4 V (nominal)

    Standard battery

    1400 mAh

    LCD display

    176 x 220 pixels

    Programmable keys


    Receiver static sensitivity

    -112 dBm (-115 dBm typical)

    Receiver dynamic sensitivity

    -103 dBm (-106 dBm typical)

    Operational temperature range

    -20 °C to + 55 °C

    Storage temperature range

    -40 °C to +85 °C

    Protection against dust and moisture


    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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