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Sepura SRG3900

TETRA mobile radio

    Product description

    The SRG3900 is at the core of the world most successful gateway solution. Capable of extending network coverage, with unparalleled installation options including dual remote console support, the SRG3900 is designed to deliver the communication solutions demanded by today´s mission critical communication users.

    SRG3900 SRG3900

    Extended coverage

    With a 10W RF TETRA engine - one of the most powerful and sensitive of any mobile radio - the SRG3900 extends communication, both on and off-network, into areas where it simply was not possible before.

    • Powerful: Class 2 TETRA transmission, transmitting at 10W
    • Sensitive: receiver sensitivity rated well beyond ETSI specifications

    Smart gateway extends on-network coverage

    The SRG3900 pioneered gateway mode and is the world´s mostwidely deployed gateway solution. An SRG3900 gateway - positioned within a vehicle with a high-gain antenna, to access the TMO network - retransmits information between on-network (TMO) and off-network users (DMO), allowing those working off-network to maintain communication with the control room as well as on-network users. Typically, this extends network coverage into blind spots such as buildings and tunnels.

    • Simplified communications: to contact the team, the control room need only contact the SRG3900, which routes all communication to the team´s hand-portable radios
    • Smart tracking, safer operation: DMO user location, routed through the SRG, is tracked on control room AVL/APL mapping

    Powerful repeater extends off-network coverage

    Off-network users working in Direct Mode (DMO) are limited by the range of their hand-held radios. To extend operational range, a repeater can be used. The SRG3900´s class-leading 10W Class 2 TETRA engine, combined with its repeater capability, extends coverage far beyond the range typically achieved by hand-portable radios alone.

    Multiple installation options

    The SRG3900 offers multiple installation options, allowing the SRG to be tailored to match the needs of the user in a variety of vehicles and scenarios.

    • Transceiver only for remote RCU/SCADA telemetry operation
    • Single console for car-, motorcycle-, marine-, desk-, air- and rack-based solutions
    • Dual console for larger vehicles and trains requiring multiple control points, each mountable up to 30m from the transceiver


    Intuitive interface offers three presentation styles - grid, list and compatibility mode - making the SRG3900 easy to use for both seasoned users and new users familiar with smartphones, helping to minimise training costs.

    Customer-defined SmartMenus give intuitive access to hundreds of soft key features. Related functions can be grouped together, allowing features to be activated quickly with no need to remember complicated key combinations.

    Macro keys allow a complex sequence of functions to be combined and activated at the touch of a single key.

    Simple 'press and go' functionality enables advanced features such as repeater and gateway operation at the touch of a button.


    Sepura Picture Message securely transmits images and associated text to the radio, permitting simultaneous distribution to multiple user groups via SDS. This allows the rapid dissemination of data, such as missing person information.

    Short Data Applications (SDAs), permit the deployment of applications that simply and intelligently interact with a back-end systems, allowing the automation of work flow and job allocation.

    WAP and SDS URL shortcuts allow the user to browse images and text organised into a convenient and intuitive WAP site, accessed over the TETRA network. Status-triggered functions facilitate remote control of SRG3900 over the air, from an authorised Sepura radio or backend control system.

    GPS and Glonass satellite tracking - along with SBAS differential GPS support and CW anti-jamming technology - provides a greater degree of accuracy and security. While functioning as a gateway, the SRG3900 will automatically translate received GPS location messages from DMO users of Sepura hand-held radios, allowing their continued tracking.

    Network Performance monitoring: the SRG3900 can be remotely interrogated for a report on the signal level, location, neighbor cells and data latency of a TETRA network, allowing monitoring and auditing of the network service quality.


    Technical data

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    177 x 50 x 110 mm (Transceiver)
    185 x 58 x 33 mm (Colour console)
    69 x 162 x 28 mm (Handset-based console)


    980 g (Transceiver)
    220 g (Colour console)
    225 g (Handset-based console)

    Frequency range

    344 – 400 MHz | 380 – 430 MHz
    407 – 473 MHz | 806 – 870 MHz

    Power supply

    10.8 to 15.6 V (13.8 VDC typical)

    Receiver static sensitivity

    -112 dBm (-116 dBm typical)

    Receiver dynamic sensitivity

    -103 dBm (-107 dBm typical)

    Protection against dust and water


    Operational temperature range

    -40 °C to +85 °C

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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