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IP Node

Flexible server concept for the system functions in the TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP.

    Product description

    The IP Node (IPN) is a network element of the TETRA ACCESSNET-T IP radio system and serves for providing the switching function, as a server for the network management system and as an application server for the dispatcher and voice recorder, for example.



    IPN Server-Konzept für ACCESSNET-T IP

    Server concept for system functions

    In ACCESSNET-T-IP networks with a centralized routing function, the IPN operates as a classical system controller node. In this context, an IPN Server handles the software-based routing function. 

    In addition, further IPN servers can be integrated to provide additional functions such as telephone interfaces (PABX/PSTN) or applications such as dispatchers.

    Flexibly configurable

    The IPN is equipped with hardware according to the output requirements and network capacity to adapt it flexibly to the needs of the customer. Thus, depending on the respective requirements, the 19" equipment rack houses a different number of IPN servers and further components.

    Flexibly expandable

    Depending on the desired scope of functions, the IPN can be expanded by additional qualified hardware. If a second IPN equipment rack is required, the two equipment racks can be stacked to save space.


    Technical data

    General performance data

    Number of base stations / carriers supported

    dependent on the project requirements

    Voice connections (full duplex) to telephone networks or applications (TETRA-coded to PCM/G.711-coded, A-law or μ-Law)

    dependent on the project requirements

    Time synchronization

    via NTP server

    Connection to the transport network

    Specification Ethernet, 10/100BaseT, connection RJ45

    Power supply

    100 VAC to 240 VAC (frequency: 50 to 60 Hz)
    others on request

    Physical interfaces

    Number of ethernet interfaces

    2 per IPN Server
    for example 24 via layer-3-switch (optional)

    Additional interfaces

    S0 /S2M interfaces(optional)

    Dimensions (per 19-inch equipment rack)


    600 mm


    950 mm


    800 mm

    Environmental conditions

    Temperature range and relative humidity

    Depends on the hardware components used

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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