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Hytera SmartMDM Mobile Device Management

Manage centrally, securely and with maximum clarity with SmartMDM radios, bodycams and evidence.

    Product description

    With Hytera's SmartMDM solution, you can manage your radios and bodycams, as well as evidence, centrally, securely and with maximum clarity. The intuitive user interface of SmartMDM provides an optimal overview of apps and all relevant data for optimal network operation at all times. SmartMDM also saves time: The remote device manager administers all TETRA, DMR and LTE radio devices as well as bodycams remotely - simply and time-saving - also time-controlled via the integrated batch management.

    SmartMDM highlights:

    • Clear app and data management (TETRA, DMR and LTE)
    • Easily manage evidence
    • Powerful security management
    • Time-controlled remote device management
    • Efficient batch management
    • Optimal data and device synchronisation

    Clear app and data management (TETRA, DMR and LTE)

    Everything at a glance – the intuitive user interface of SmartMDM ensures simple and central administration and the exchange of data between all radio devices and bodycams – whether DMR, TETRA or LTE. To do this, SmartMDM summarises central information about the end devices, software versions, sites, contacts and installed apps clearly in a central data library.

    Easily manage evidence

    SmartMDM secures evidence via USB cable or a multi-charger and allows you to structure, distribute and archive this data. Clarity is guaranteed with filing by date, author ID, media types and more.

    Full security – with the SmartMDM security concept, only authorised users have access to stored data: made possible by 256-bit AES encryption and two-step authentication with role-based authorisations. SmartMDM additionally increases the security of the end devices through functions such as integrated app management, remote screenshot, reverting to factory settings, data deletion, status tracking and network control. In addition, SmartMDM users can apply a software or hardware dongle to encrypt the server to protect the data stored in SmartMDM.

    Time-controlled remote device management

    SmartMDM's remote device manager takes over updates such as device settings, passwords and authorisations - immediately or time-controlled. Via over-the-air programming (OTAP), end devices can be supplied with software and firmware updates remotely and no longer have to be physically available.

    You can easily manage your subscribers using the templates provided:

    • Broadband end devices conveniently via the intranet through WiFi / LTE 
    • Narrowband end devices via the intermediate Integrated Device Station (IDS).

    Efficient batch management

    SmartMDM has an integrated batch management system which can be used to distribute updates in parallel to several end devices at the same time in order to ensure a uniform database in the system.

    Optimal data and device synchronisation

    With SmartMDM, you don't need to worry about the storage capacity of end devices used: SmartMDM automatically deletes files from the end devices as soon as they have been safely transferred to your folder, so that the storage capacity of the end devices is guaranteed. In addition, Hyteras bodycams synchronise as soon as they are connected.

    Efficient device status monitoring

    SmartMDM enables you to query all data of the end devices such as battery capacity, the end device status and user behaviour and to derive the consequences for optimal network operation.


    Technical data

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

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