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DIB-R5 base stations by Hytera

Hytera DIB-R5 - Digital Integrated Base Station

Reliable TETRA radio coverage

    Product description

    The DIB-R5 is the latest generation of reliable and powerful base stations by Hytera for ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA radio systems. Pioneering TETRA Release 2 and TEDS support make the DIB-R5 exceptionally attractive for all scenarios in which availability and high-speed data are a must.

    Product variants:

    • DIB-R5 advanced - modular and flexibly configurable base station with up to eight carriers
    • DIB-R5 compact - compact variant of the DIB-R5 with integrated hybrid combiner and minimal space requirement, even for the installation in standard 19" equipment racks. 

    DIB-R5 advanced

    The DIB R5 advanced is the high performance variant of the DIB R5 family. It has a modular design and supports various antenna coupling systems. This means it can easily meet all the customer's requirements.

    Based on capacity requirements, the DIB-R5 advanced can support up to eight TETRA carriers for up to 47 communication channels.

    DIB-R5 compact

    The DIB R5 compact is a flexibly configurable, compact base station. Its low space requirement and the ability to fit into a standard 19" equipment rack make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

    A frequency-agile hybrid combiner reduces the number of antenna required. Its small size and low weight facilitates transport to the site and installation, and makes the DIB-R5 compact the ideal choice for use in events and functions.

    Reliable, safe operation

    The DIB R5 family is perfectly equipped for your mission-critical communication. It offers excellent failure safety and data security. All important modules can be configured redundantly and are easily hot-swappable.

    Multiple connections to the network, operation at two switching nodes in different locations and sophisticated local fallback operation are just some of the functions that ensure reliable operation in any imaginable situation. All security-related features, such as authentication and encryption, remain available without restriction.

    Accept no compromises. We don't either.

    Optimum investment thanks to maximum radio coverage

    Demand no less than the maximum return on your investment! Thanks to their unique design, Hytera base stations optimize radio coverage and allow larger work areas to be covered by the network. This also allows a reduction in the number of base stations required to cover a certain area.

    The DIB R5 intelligently combines market-leading transmitting power with the highest receiving sensitivity. The intelligent 3-way receiver (diversity) also optimizes the base station radio characteristics.

    Flexible where it matters most

    The base stations can be configured in various ways, providing the customer with the best solution to suit their needs. Sites under heavy load can be equipped with up to four control channels (CCH) to provide additional capacity for signaling, text messaging or location updates.

    Optimized cell re-selection, even in underground areas or inside buildings, calls for synchronous operation. The DIB-R5 also supports synchronization via the IP network, without satellite-based systems (GNSS). This reduces the installation costs in building supply and in underground objects (e.g. tunnel).

    Keeping our eye on the cost

    The exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is due, in part, to the low operating costs.

    A comprehensive remote maintenance capability (including configuration and updates) and hot-swappable components support the low-maintenance concept.

    Indeed, with the lowest power consumption in the market and its multitude of energy- saving functions, Hytera has set new standards in terms of the efficiency of base stations.


    • Perfect radio coverage: Highest transmitting power in the market
    • Optimum reception: Maximum sensitivity and triple diversity
    • Maintenance-friendly operation: Component monitoring, sophisticated jamming detection, remote parameter configuration, including frequency change and software updates
    • Maximum failure safety: Multilevel redundancy design
    • Efficient network architecture: Also supports distributed switching architecture without central nodes
    • Smart security: Fallback operation with complete scope of functions
    • Trouble-free service: Modules are easily accessible and can be easily replaced during operation
    • Pioneering TETRA: developed in compliance with TETRA Release 2 of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI)

    Technical data

    General data

    Nominal power supply

    48 VDC
    110/230 VAC 50 to 60 Hz

    Synchronization options *) GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System

    No synchronization
    With GNSS (GPS, Beidou, Glonass)
    PTP (Precision Time Protocol)



    Distributed switching controller function and local gateways (API, SIP,…)

    Transmitting power at transceiver π/4 DQPSK

    80 W


    Triple diversity

    Static sensitivity

    Typically: -120 dBm (BER 4 %)

    Dynamic sensitivity

    -113 dBm (TU 50 [TCH 7.2, BER 4 %])

    Protection against dust and moisture


    Operating temperature

    -30 °C to +55 °C

    DIB-R5 advanced

    Frequency range

    380 - 470 MHz (Rx/Tx)
    806 - 821 MHz (Rx)
    851 - 866 MHz (Tx)

    Carriers / channels (maximum)

    12 carriers = 48 channels
    (3 equipment racks)

    Power consumption RF transmit power Top of Cabinet (TOC)

    4 carrier cavity combiner
    485 W at 6 W HF
    1215 W at 25 W HF

    Combiner options

    Without combiner | Auto-tuned cavity | Hybrid

    Maximum transmitting power (antenna socket) π/4 DQPSK | QAM

    Without combiner 50 W | 20 W (TEDS)
    Auto-tuned cavity 25 W | 10 W (TEDS)
    Hybrid 10 W | 4 W (TEDS)

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    600 x 1200 x 600 mm

    Weight *) depending on the configuration

    120 to 175 kg per rack *)

    DIB-R5 compact

    Frequency range

    380 - 430 MHz (Rx/Tx)
    806 - 821 MHz (Rx)
    851 - 866 MHz (Tx)

    Carriers / channels (maximum)

    2 carriers = 8 channels

    Power consumption RF transmit power Top of Cabinet (TOC)

    2 carriers without combiner
    230 W at 6 W HF
    560 W at 50 W HF

    Combiner options

    Without combiner | Hybrid

    Maximum transmitting power (antenna socket) π/4 DQPSK | QAM

    Without combiner 50 W | 20 W (TEDS)
    Hybrid 10 W | 4 W (TEDS)

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    450 x 640 x 540 mm

    Weight *) depending on the configuration

    60 to 80 kg per rack *)

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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