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Reliable voice recording for the TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T IP.

    Product description

    DVRS (Digital Voice Recording System) is a professional voice recording solution from Hytera for the TETRA radio system ACCESSNET-T-IP. The DVRS records several calls simultaneously in the mobile radio system in order to log them and retain them for subsequent analysis. In addition, all short messages can be continuously backed up in the system.


    DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP DVRS Voice-Recorder für ACCESSNET-T IP

    Recording in high voice quality

    The integrated TETRA vocoder ensures that all calls are saved with the usual TETRA quality, and none are lost. Upon demand, all the recordings can be exported to any data carrier and stored in a redundant way.

    Flexible access

    DVRS permits flexible access over an Internet browser to data stored centrally. With this, the recordings can be reached over the Internet as and when required.

    High security

    To ensure that your recordings are secure, all users must log on using a user name and a password, before you can use the DVRS client. The web service can be installed on a separate server hardware to enable secure access over the Internet.

    System stability through redundancy

    The DVRS server can be redundantly operated for maximum system stability. While the primary server is active, the recordings are redundantly stored on the hard disks of the standby server. If the primary server malfunctions, the system switches automatically to the backup server. Each DVRS server is equipped with its own hard disk RAID system to ensure redundant storage of the data here, too.

    Versatile playback functions

    DVRS provides a comfortable interface for searching for and playing back recordings. To be able to navigate through the large number of recordings and messages, the DVRS offers extremely detailed and extensive filter functions. They allow locating the required call without delay and immediately playing it back. You can also create your own playlists, e.g. to create a communication history encompassing several calls.

    Comprehensive statistics

    To conduct accurate analyses, the DVRS server provides comprehensive functions for statistical analysis. You can, for example, display the various call types across the entire system or relative to a specific base station. In addition, the utilization of the server hardware and the status of the network connection are displayed to check and ensure a stable operation.

    System architecture

    In order to easily integrate itself into existing IT environments, the DVRS voice recording system can be installed and operated on a single server.

    An additional DVRS server can ensure the highest possible availability, if needed. In this configuration, the two servers can also be redundantly connected with the ACCESSNET-T IP. To be operational immediately whenever the first server fails, the topical database of the voice and SDS recordings is at the disposal of the redundant server at any time. Enhanced by a web server, access to the recorded data is possible from any location.


    Technical data

    Software specifications

    Recording codec

    G.711 – 80 channels parallel
    TETRA (ACELP) – up to 400 channels parallel


    Additional hot-standby server (optional)

    Storage medium

    Server hard disks (RAID 5)
    Storage-array (optional)

    Recommended installation environment for servers


    Quad-core processor with 3.6 GHz

    Hard disk

    250 GB (RAID 5)


    8 GB


    10/100 Mbit

    Operating system

    Microsoft® Windows Server 2008

    Recommended installation environment for clients


    3.0 GHz

    Hard disk

    4 GB

    Operating system

    Microsoft® Windows 7




    Internet Explorer 8/9

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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