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BC08 Belt clip with screws

Standard belt clip for various analog, DMR and TETRA radios.

    Product description

    The BC08 is the standard belt clip for various, analog DMR and TETRA radios. It is made of plastic, has a spring-loaded metal bracket and is attached to the radio with screws.

    Differences from BC19

    Although the BC08 is identical to the BC19, both visually and in terms of the screw mounting holes, the two belt clips differ. The U-shaped bracket with which the belt clip is affixed to the radio is higher in the case of the B19. Therefore, the BC19 can be used for radios that have larger batteries with a higher capacity.

    The BC08 is on the other hand better suited to attach the radio to materials such as pants, "normal" belts or pockets. For thicker belts or other carrying devices, the BC19 is instead the better choice.


    Technical data

    Features marked with * are available in future versions of the product.

    All technical data were tested according to the respective standards. Due to continuing development, technical changes are reserved.

    Scope of delivery

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