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Quality Management at Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

The Basis for High Quality Services and Products

Hytera Mobilfunk is endeavoring to achieve maximum quality throughout the company and for our products. We maintain and optimize our Quality Management System through defining clear goals and responsibilities, thereby systematically managing our processes and their reciprocal effects. The Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015-certified and is binding for all Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH areas, sites and employees.

Lasting Customer Satisfaction

Our highest priority is to ensure that our customers are continuously satisfied. We know that today's satisfied customers will buy our products tomorrow and that dissatisfied customers will pass on their annoyance to other people, but seldom provide any feedback. This is why we are grateful for any feedback at all from our customers, be it positive or negative, and we use it to draw up suggestions for improvement.

Effective and Efficient

Our success is dependent on both our effectiveness, i.e. the correct products and services, as well as our efficiency, i.e. lean, transparent processes. We integrate our quality measures into our operatives business. We are only too aware that high quality and low costs go hand-in-hand and that they are not mutually exclusive.


Our employees know just how vital our stringent quality requirements are in terms of their daily work. Each individual is responsible and qualified for his/her own work. To ensure that our workforce is equipped for the future we ensure that they undergo regular professional training. We need and we support qualified and informed employees.

Prevent Faults Before They Occur

Faults always result in financial loss. The costs involved in troubleshooting increase with every phase of product creation by a factor of 10. This is why we strive to detect faults at an early stage and ultimately to avoid them. We identify the faults and determine the reasons for them thereby ensuring that we can achieve sustained fault rectification.

Curiosity and Openness

We are open to new ideas and are ready to learn with the aim of advancing the company and of being able to develop and provide innovative products in the future.

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