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Public safety: Situation, communication and availability

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Operations in the area of public safety demand the highest precision with regard to situational awareness, communication and availability. Good coordination of operations, simple emergency call handling and better provability mean that the situation at the site of operation can be optimally assessed and the best possible coordination for operational personnel established. Hytera's range of products offers the public safety user a professional and efficient operational environment, and therefore creates optimal situational awareness and short lines of communication thanks to ideal technical support at the site of operation.

Operational personnel require powerful and robust equipment. It is not only time that plays an important role in many emergency operations - often, assessing the situation on-site is also an important factor and helps with decisions regarding the best possible safety and performance.

Optimal communication environment – ideal emergency performance

On the coordination side here, Hytera offers the ICC (Integrated Command and Control Center), which is a complete communication management system which fully supports Hytera's PMR (professional mobile radio) and LTE systems. Users can access Hytera's entire range of products - for example, Hytera's PTC760, PDC760 and PTC680 Multi-mode handset - for optimal wireless communication between the TETRA and LTE networks. Hytera's powerful and robust Bodycams supports the user by providing images of the site of operation. All bodycams VM550D, VM685 and VM780 combine a camera and wireless voice microphone in a single device.

ICC: Highly efficient control center

The police and fire service cannot do without it: The control center. The more efficient the control center, the higher the levels of safety and performance with regard to fault and security management. Hytera's ICC (Integrated Command and Control Center) is a control center solution that routes incoming emergency calls to the responsible operational personnel - with an extremely high level of efficiency and precision. The ICC supports all radio technologies (DMR and DMR Tier III, as well as TETRA and LTE) and can be set up to optimally suit the customer's specific applications. It takes over the role of accepting and processing calls in accordance with the fields of application that have been preconfigured for the possible applications - classified from critical to less critical. In doing so, it allows for a completely customer-specific set-up of the analysis function and provision of statistics for the application scenarios that are mapped out - even in the case of changing operational environments.

PTC760, PDC760 and PTC680 Multi-mode handsets

The PDC760 ,PTC760 and PTC680 PMR/LTE Multi-mode handsets from Hytera are the ideal platform for critical voice communication and broadband data services, and represent a revolution in the world of professional mobile communication. As the first devices of their kind, they offer a truly convergent platform for transmitting critical voice and data communication (such as video streaming) and LTE broadband data services. Find more information about Hytera's multimode radios here.

Hytera Bodycams

For operational personnel on-site, body-worn cameras are the ideal companion for recording, saving and forwarding evidence from security-critical deployment. Hytera's Bodycam VM550D, VM685 and VM780 can transfer images and videos from the site of operation via USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The integrated speaker microphone guarantees efficient communication, for example in conjunction with Hytera's Multi-mode handsets, which stream real-time video, even in low-light conditions. Find more information about Hytera's Bodycams here.

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