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Hytera TETRA radios - Part II: Always with the user in mind

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No matter where our TETRA radios are deployed, users can always rely on a high level of security, excellent audio quality and versatile functions. This includes functions such as authentication, air interface encryption, end-to-end encryption and other measures that are designed to protect communication. Our TETRA radios also support various operating modes.

In addition to Direct Mode Operation (DMO) and Trunked Mode Operation (TMO), the TETRA portfolio from Hytera contains end devices that offer the functionality of ETSI type 1A DMO repeaters. In this operating mode, the radio can enlarge the operating range for other TETRA users. Would you like to find out more about Hytera's TETRA radios? Here is an overview for you:

A solid foundation – the PT3 series

For users working in noisy and harsh environments, the PT3 series (PT310 and PT350) offers easy-to-use, robust radios with excellent audio quality. The unique water displacement technology easily drains water that gets into the speaker cavity. Coupled with this is the patented design of the microphone opening, which prevents the transmission from being disturbed by wind noise. The PT350 contains the general Sepura RAC interface and is therefore compatible with RAC-based accessories. This allows customers to continue using their existing equipment. A full range of additional accessories is also available. This includes audio, transport, power supply and antenna accessories.

PT310 and PT350:
Ideal for users from industry and the energy supply sector as well as for use in ports.

Genuine all-rounders – the PT5 series

The PT560H and PT580H Plus radios stand out not only through their durable and reliable design, but also with their outstanding voice quality and comprehensive TETRA functions. They feature a compact housing with large buttons, thereby ensuring maximum user-friendliness. The high-resolution, transflective colour display is exceptionally easy to read even in bright sunlight. Versatile services: As well as voice and data communication, other functions are available such as GPS, encryption, pre-recorded channel announcements, etc.

PT560H and PT580H Plus:
Ideal for industry, energy suppliers, public security institutions and security areas.

The champion in covert operations – the Z1p

With its thin and light design, the Z1p handheld radio offers the perfect combination of robustness, versatility and sophisticated design, which enables advanced covert communication. This radio is dust and waterproof in accordance with protection class IP67 and is suitable for use in harsh working environments. Thanks to its slim design with a thickness of just 23 mm and low weight, the Z1p goes unnoticed in any jacket pocket. All Z1p radios have GPS localisation and a man-down function. Bluetooth is integrated to support audio accessories for covert use. The Z1p comes in two housing variants: aluminium and plastic.

Ideal for covert use, public security facilities and security areas.

Intrinsically safe at the highest level – the PT790 Ex

The digital PT790 Ex TETRA-ATEX radio offers safe, reliable communication and fulfils the guidelines with the highest level of protection "ia". This makes it the ideal solution for work environments that require intrinsically safe devices. In order to offer maximum occupational safety, the PT790 Ex has a position alarm sensor (man down) and an adjustable time alarm (lone worker). The standard GNSS module receives location data and can transmit it to the control centre or an AVL dispatcher for evaluation.

In addition to voice and data communication, the PT790 Ex offers many other functions: encryption, programmable buttons, etc. A wide range of approved light and durable headsets, helmet sets and other useful accessories can be attached to a robust side connection.

PT790 Ex:
Perfect for all environments requiring intrinsically safe devices.

Flexible mobile radio – the MT680 Plus

The MT680 Plus is the mobile radio for TETRA users from all areas. The MT680 Plus features a high level of reliability, simple operation and durability. The TETRA mobile radio offers various operating modes, such as the ETSI DMO gateway and DMO repeater mode to expand the ​​application area of the connected TETRA users. With a high 10 W transmitting power, calls can also be made over long distances. The MT680 Plus offers fast access to the TETRA mobile radio network and roaming services.

The MT680 Plus can be installed practically anywhere, the control head can also be installed separately. A table console is available, allowing the MT680 Plus to be used as a simple dispatcher, for example in small offices, such as at the reception or in the porter's lodge.

MT680 Plus:
Ideal for industry, energy suppliers, public security institutions and security areas.

Convergence of broadband and narrowband – Multi-mode Advanced Radios

Multi-mode Advanced Radios (PTC760 and PTC680) combine mission-critical narrowband communication with LTE broadband data transmission. Professional mobile radio (PMR) is best suited for voice applications, including group and emergency calls, and 4G LTE offers fast data services to support a wide range of applications. Multi-mode Advanced Radios combine the two technologies into a convergent solution. Whether it's machine-to-machine data exchange (M2M) or the Internet of Things (IoT), video streaming from the site or even querying databases and roaming between sites - the PTC760 and PTC680 offer sophisticated functionality and flexible communication.

Whenever and wherever they are used - the intelligent Hytera multi-mode radios switch seamlessly between networks and offer several communication modes that are provided via a dedicated, user-friendly interface. This ensures almost seamless communication.

PTC760 and PTC680:
Ideal for industry, utilities, public security establishment and security areas.

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