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Five good reasons for TETRA

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TETRA radio technology from Hytera Mobilfunk - powerful, reliable and secure. Hytera's digital trunked radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP - developed in Germany - meets all requirements of the ETSI standard (European Institute for Telecommunication Standards) and stands for secure voice and data transmission, a wide range of services and maximum adaptability.

As a longstanding member of ETSI and the TCCA (TETRA and Critical Communications Association), Hytera Mobilfunk has the most extensive know-how in the development of TETRA technology. This benefits all TETRA users: in addition to authorities, industrial concerns and local transport companies, even with a comparatively small network size, still have a high need for radio capacity and security. Hytera provides this with its tailor-made TETRA infrastructure for every expansion level and its high-quality TETRA-radio equipment (e.g. PT310/PT350) and therefore provides a cost-effective and perfectly suitable radio communication solution for a wide variety of application scenarios.Powerful applications and a network management system (NMS)  integrated in the ACCESSNET®-T IP ensure optimal communication in the radio network.

Five good reasons for TETRA

Five good reasons for choosing TETRA demonstrate how excellent functionality combined with maximum security has already satisfied the high demands of users of professional mobile radio (PMR), in combination with existing broadband solutions, for decades:

  1. Reliable communication
    ACCESSNET®-T IP meets all the security features required by the TETRA standard such as air interface encryption (AIE), end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and authentication. Hytera Mobilfunk extends this and also protects its user communication against cyber attacks with comprehensive IT security measures.

    In addition to data security on the user side, Hytera's TETRA network ensures system reliability at all times through efficiently designed redundancy mechanisms, such as location redundancy, and thereby achieves maximum availability.

  2. High level of interoperability
    Unlike many other narrowband communication systems, the TETRA ACCESSNET®-T IP system guarantees flexible device and radio compatibility, thereby offering a high degree of freedom when selecting the TETRA system technology.

  3. Maximum scalability
    Indoor or outdoor Base Station: the ACCESSNET®-T IP TETRA radio system covers all requirements when maximum flexibility and availability are required with growing demands in terms of critical communication. With unlimited TETRA functionality and almost unlimited connectivity to external applications, it meets all growing requirements and guarantees 100% reuse of existing infrastructure – maximum scalability and cost-efficiency.

  4. Efficient channel utilisation
    Users need reliable communication of data and voice in a wide variety of application scenarios. ACCESSNET®-T IP offers a highly efficient channel utilisation and can secure up to four calls in parallel over a single channel and at the same time distribute important data in the network. Hytera's TETRA radio system therefore meets all requirements in terms of providing prioritised and resource-optimised data and, above all, quickly and securely in the radio network.

  5. Seamless network connection
    More and faster services – wherever they are needed: ACCESSNET®-T IP offers a seamless connection from TETRA to public and private LTE networks and creates a completely convergent and pioneering solution to connect narrow and broadband systems with their advantages of flexible communication. This enables cross-network use of video streaming, real-time database checking or transmitting large files in mission-critical workflows – improved communication at all levels.

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