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PMRExpo 2019: Hytera introduces SCADA for DMR trunked radio

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Reliable and secure voice and data communication within a single system: at PMRExpo, the Hytera team will present the powerful SCADA solution for the proven DMR trunked radio system.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition and is a standardised system that monitors, visualises and controls technical processes - and is therefore used, for example, in energy suppliers, waterworks, in production and many other areas. With the support of all relevant protocols (IEC 60870-5-101 (RS232, RS485), IEC 60870-4-104 (IP), DNP3, Modbus), Hytera's SCADA solution, including the powerful DTM-6000 DMR modem, offers everything for safe and reliable SCADA operation over an existing trunked radio system. The Hytera solution enables SCADA and data transfer of any kind of information via the DMR system ̶ regardless of the connected equipment or SCADA software applications used on the customer side.

High level of availability and safety

Hytera's SCADA solution for DMR trunked radio systems is characterised by its high availability (thanks to the multi-level redundancy concept) and its security standard. Sensitive data remains reliably protected by the externally shielded infrastructure of the closed DMR radio system. It also features end-to-end encryption, electronic serial number check (ESN) and authentication.

Hytera's data modem DTM-6000

Hytera's DTM-6000 is a dedicated data modem that offers a variety of features and a long range for data transmission. The DTM-6000 provides connections for two RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) for monitoring and controlling devices such as sensors, counters and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The RTUs can be connected via IP as well as serially. Hytera's SCADA solution adds value in migrating from analog to digital radio. Various installation options (wall mounting, rail mounting, flat mounted) ensure maximum flexibility.

Efficient and comfortable management

The data modem DTM-6000 is configured conveniently and remotely via WiFi. No cables are required. Firmware updates can also be performed remotely. The System Infrastructure Network Management System (NMS) includes all the features and functionality required for configuration, fault, and performance management of the data modem.

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