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Information about GPS Week Rollover

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Hytera likes to inform you, that the so-called GPS Week Rollover will have no direct influence on the operation of the TETRA radio infrastructure ACCESSNET®-T (IP). For network operators of ACCESSNET®-T (IP) systems as well as their service partners no immidiate maintenance or configuration tasks are required. The continuing operation of these systems is ensured.

Hytera kindly asks for careful notice of this information

From 06th to 07th of April 2019 the Global Positioning System (GPS) will execute a planned and system-triggered reset of the broadcasted week counter. This is commonly known as the "GPS Week Rollover". All aspects of this reset will be in full accordance to the relevant and established standards of GPS. The reset will be executed in the time signals of all satellites worldwide. The GPS time information is used by the base stations of the Hytera TETRA radio infrastructure in order to define the overall system time.

Hytera has taken this into account while developing the TETRA radio infrastructure, specially the TETRA base stations ACCESSNET®-T (IP) Digital Integrated Base Station (DIB), and has chosen appropriate GPS components as well as firmware. The used GPS receiver firmware does include functions to correctly calculate the week value out of the broadcasted GPS time information by using a programmed reference week value. This programming of a reference week within the GPS receiver firmware can be set to actual values by appropriate software maintenance. Hytera offers - e.g. for systems using TETRA base stations DIB-500 R4.x as well as DIB-R5 - comfortable ways of efficiently updating the TETRA system software in a one-step process and by remote update. Hytera recommends this strategy of updating within a medium-term time frame, but latest until 2025.

Hytera gladly offers comprehensive support for the planning and implementation of update projects on the ACCESSNET®-T (IP) system software. This way a smooth and efficient handling can be assured while at the same time taking all operative requirements in an optimum fashion. If you still have questions on the technical background or specific network configurations, please don't hesitate to contact Hytera by the procedures and arrangements of your service contract.

The staff of Hytera is happy to consult on the maintenance of your digital radio communication solution and keeps being a reliable partner in professional mobile radio.  

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