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Hytera Highlight for the Police Congress: Ad-hoc System Offers Fast Radio Coverage in Case of Catastrophe

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Emergency communication in case of catastrophe – in just minutes:  Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH will present its unique, patented ES-100 ad-hoc system at the European Police Congress (February 19 & 20, Berlin Congress Center). In addition to this innovative DMR-based system solution, the Hytera team will present other product highlights for the public safety sector.


With the ES-100, it is possible not only to optimally coordinate rescues in case of infrastructure destroyed by flooding, fire or earthquake, but also in difficult-to-reach areas (for example in the mountains or large forested areas). The heart of an ES-100 ad-hoc system is a network of at least two E-pack 100s. The Hytera E-pack 100 is a radio, repeater, and mesh network node in just one device.

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH invites all visitors to the Police Congress to get to know the E-pack 100 better and to inform themselves about the possibilities for its deployment. "The E-pack 100 can be carried comfortably and especially for a long time in a backpack. Therefore it is valuable for deployment forces that have to move in inaccessible and dangerous areas," says Michael Fertig, Vice President Sales Central Europe at Hytera Mobilfunk. 

Smart combination: Hyteras PTC760 with VM685

For deployment forces, the Hytera LTE/TETRA Multi-mode Advanced Radio PTC760 combined with the Hytera Remote Video Loudspeaker Microphone VM685 is an exceptionally efficient duo. The PTC760 unites the advantages of TETRA for secure, deployment-critical voice communication and LTE for fast data services via secure applications in a single device. The compact camera with built-in loudspeaker microphone records, saves, and transmits videos, pictures and documents in real time. In the trade show booth, the Hytera team will demonstrate how both devices work together and how they can be used efficiently when deployed.

Hytera expert speaks in the BOS Anwenderforum and in the BDBOS-Fachforum

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH will participate in the Anwenderforum at the congress once again this year: Bernhard Klinger, Vice President Business Development, will speak on the topic "Paths to the new digital world: The future of the new 5G technology, hybrid networks, and LTE. How will we get there?" In his talk, he will illuminate to what extent 5G is suitable for mission-critical broadband services and what must be heeded with shared use of commercial broadband networks. Furthermore, he will discuss in detail the current state of standardization and the frequency situation in Germany.

Bernhard Klinger will also give a keynote speech in the expert forum "Secure mobile communication" on the first day of the congress and participate in the subsequent discussion round. The expert forum starts at 4.15 p.m. and will be moderated by Dr. Barbara Held, Head of Strategy and Control at the Federal Institute for Digital Radio of Authorities and Organizations with Security Audits (BDBOS).

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