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Five good reasons for DMR

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Independent, reliable and secure: features that define voice and data communication from Hytera!  DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is an open radio standard for digital mobile radio used for both simple repeater radio networks and full-featured digital trunked radio networks.

With its custom-made DMR radio infrastructure and high-quality DMR radios, Hytera offers energy suppliers, security personnel, industrial companies and other users the optimum communication solution at the best cost for all conceivable application scenarios.

Five good reasons make DMR a very flexible radio technology – not only for retail, but also in safety-critical applications with land mobile radio:

  1. Reliable communication
    In addition to the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) defined in the DMR standard, Hytera offers protection of the signaling used to set up the connection through reliable encryption of the air interface (over the air encryption).

  2. Efficient use of channels with double channel capacity
    TDMA technology (Time Division Multiple Access) with two time slots facilitates two independent conversations in the same 12.5 kHz channel. If frequency resources are limited, this provides important relief in terms of system terminals and frequency licenses.

  3. Optimum call quality
    One advantage of digital systems is in their good call quality, which is especially important in loud environments. Unlike analog signals, digital signals remain clear and easy to understand all the way to the outer edge of coverage areas.

  4. Flexible infrastructure – full expandability
    Analog radio systems can easily be integrated into a new digital DMR network, since all Hytera DMR repeaters and handheld radios provide optimum support for both digital DMR and analog operation.

  5. Affordable technology – a lot of service for not much money
    DMR has a cost-efficient infrastructure based on a repeater network. The individual repeaters are connected with each other on the basis of standard commercial network technology including servers, switches and routers via an IP connection network – already existing IP networks can be used.

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