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New concept, holistic solutions: Hytera provides new impetus with its stand at the PMRExpo

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Hytera Mobilfunk can look back on a successful PMRExpo 2018 in Cologne. With an innovative and fresh concept, Hytera's presentation of its latest products and radio solutions was surprisingly different and, above all, interactive - and the company thus succeeded in providing new impetus.

"We create holistic, customized radio solutions for our customers. Hytera's portfolio is just as varied as its customer base.  Visitors to the trade fair were able to see and try out our innovations live, explained Markus Oltmanns, VP for Product Marketing and Communications, who was very happy with the trade fair appearance after the PMRExpo. "Together with our partners, we were able to showcase our performance and our expertise."

Hytera highlights at the PMRExpo 2018

The Hytera stand focused on four topics: Public Safety, Industry 4.0, Disaster Relief and Events. In addition to the relaunch of the PD985 and PDC760 DMR radios, the market launch of the VM550 bodycam and the presentation of Hytera's PoC device, the PNC370, the presentations primarily focused on intelligent and new solutions for the latest Hytera products.

Innovations for the field of Public Safety

Hytera's Command & Control (ICC) control center, which was demonstrated live at the stand directly at the entrance, was the first big highlight in the field of Public Safety: Hytera showed just how varied the functions and possibilities of this solution are, as each ICC system can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, the ICC can be used for clear and simple management of emergency calls, for mission coordination and for accepting and forwarding calls. At the control center desk, Hytera also presented its Evidence Management System - software for streaming, storing and sorting videos from the bodycam.

Premiere at the PMRExpo: Hytera TETRA + LTE converged system solution

Brand new and presented to the public for the first time at the PMRExpo: The Hytera TETRA + LTE converged system solution. Combining the best of both worlds - rugged and reliable voice services of traditional, narrowband PMR and the almost unlimited data possibilities of the Hytera broadband mobile radio system. User organizations benefit from a significant increase in efficiency for mobile employees as well as faster decision-making during assessment of the situation. A combined Network Management System can be used for administration of both the TETRA system and the LTE system.

The converged Hytera solution exceeds the known limits of mission-critical functions in commercial LTE networks. It achieves an accelerated supply of information with a completely new world of mission-critical media functions, customized design of the network reliability as well as complete control of the Quality of Service (QoS).

Users can make use of LTE broadband and its high-performance functions while at the same time maintaining investments in the tried-and-tested and reliable Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA system. To increase user-friendliness, Hytera's rugged yet sophisticated PTC760 and PNC370 radios are an important part of the solution.

ES-100 ad-hoc system – React quickly in an emergency

Hytera's new ES-100 ad-hoc system allows you to quickly establish communication in the event of an emergency, as demonstrated in the Disaster Relief area. The ES-100 can be set up in a matter of minutes and is designed to be deployed easily and flexibly at any time in the most challenging of environments. This innovative system solution from Hytera is DMR-based and consists of mobile digital wireless ad-hoc repeaters (E-pack 100) as well as permanently fixed digital wireless ad-hoc repeaters (E-pole 100) that quickly and independently connect to each other upon switching on.

Patented by Hytera, this is currently the only procedure of its kind. With the E-center - a mobile coordination workstation - the mission can be managed efficiently and, when operated from the control center, can participate in communication in the ad-hoc network.

Industry 4.0: Optimal field of application for the Multi-mode Advanced Radio

Hytera's Multi-mode Advanced Radio is best able to play out its strengths in daily use in industry. It combines narrowband and broadband communication for mission-critical application in just one device and offers a perfect platform for applications that can significantly increase efficiency and productivity. Thanks to fast broadband connections via LTE or WiFi, automated production or supply systems can be controlled and monitored remotely in order to implement changes relating to changing loads, production rates and real-time technical monitoring - with the help of Machine to Machine (M2M) data or Internet of Things (IoT) data. At the same time, a stable and, above all, secure voice transmission - and therefore one of the main performance features of traditional PMR networks such as DMR and TETRA - continues to be an important and indispensable basic prerequisite for mission-critical communication.

Together with its partners at the PMRExpo, Hytera gave an impressive demonstration of the opportunities provided as a result: For example, the Hytera robotic arm in the Industry 4.0 area was a powerful crowd-puller. Hytera's partner, Mobile2b, used it to demonstrate a versatile IoT app as well as a workflow app, both of which are used on the Hytera multi-mode radio.

System integrator Orit, together with Hytera, presented an alarm manager on an Android platform. In a multi-location system concept, telent GmbH demonstrated the interaction of different sensors in a shared user and analysis interface. For example, the current power consumption of the Hytera disaster relief action area - where a VR headset had been in use - was displayed on a monitor for visitors to see at any time. In addition, the P-IoT IDC, Hytera's IoT data center, was demonstrated at the trade fair. This software processes IoT data (such as data from sensors) via PMR networks.

Hytera's partner, Swisscom Broadcast from Switzerland, brought along a fantastic example of how a Hytera DMR radio network can be used at an event in a difficult environment. The Hytera system guaranteed secure communication at the world's largest military ski mountaineering competition, the Patrouille des Glaciers.


Hytera Partner at the
PMRExpo 2018:

telent GmbH
Swisscom Broadcast AG
stashcat GmbH
Sopra Steria GmbH
mobile2b GmbH


At the PMRExpo 2018, the experts from Hytera Mobilfunk were also sought-after speakers at the conference and technical forums that accompanied the trade fair.

"We are delighted, with our strong partners by our side, to be able to offer versatile and, above all, customizable solutions for a wide range of application areas - in a future-oriented, high-quality and extremely innovative manner. This is what sets us apart, and it is precisely this wide range of applications that we presented in detail at the PMRExpo," said Matthias Klausing, CEO of Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH.

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