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Analog mobile radio

As a leading supplier of analog radios, Hytera products and solutions are used worldwide by customers from many different industries. In addition to our classic analog radios under the brand HYT, we offer numerous DMR radios that also support analog radio

Our DMR radios have many strengths. Above all, they support not only the digital DMR radio but also analog radio. This ensures that our radios are the ideal companions for migrating towards digital radio. Furthermore, all our DMR repeaters also support analog mode.

To the DMR radios
To the DMR repeaters

PMR446 radios can be operated by any user without a special license. We offer both analog and the world's first digital PMR446 radios. Our digital PMR446 radios combine the characteristics of PMR446 with the new digital radio standard DMR. With this unique combination, you get license-free radios, which additionally offer helpful features of professional digital radio.

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