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Hytera meets company delegation from Azerbaijan

In March, a company delegation from East Azerbaijan Province in Iran visited Lower Saxony's state capital, Hanover. The reason for the delegation's visit to Lower Saxony was an invitation expressed by Minister of Economics, Labor and Transport, Olaf Lies, in November 2016 during a delegation trip to Iran.

Networking in Hanover

The event "East Azerbaijan meets Niedersachsen" took place on the premises of IHK in Hanover. In addition to brief presentations on East Azerbaijan, it gave the approximately 35 Iranian guests and the representatives of companies in Lower Saxony an opportunity to network. Torsten Feuerhake, Regional Director of Hytera Mobilfunk, held a presentation in which he introduced an interested audience to Hytera and innovative land mobile radio and terrestrial trunked radio products.

East Azerbaijan Province is one of 31 provinces and is considered to the industrial center of northwestern Iran. This province has more than 5000 production facilities and constitutes approximately 6 percent of national industry in Iran.

The delegation was led by Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh, Governor of East Azerbaijan Province. In addition, the delegation was accompanied by the mayor of Tabriz and, at the provincial level, by the water and wastewater agency, the agriculture agency, environmental protection agency and the industrial, mining and commercial sections.

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Hytera meets company delegation from Azerbaijan
On the event "East Azerbaijan meets Niedersachsen"  ... Torsten Feuerhake, Regional Director of Hytera Mobilfunk, presented the company Hytera to an interested audience.  
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